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I utilize Skype, Facetime, or Google Duo  for the online singing lessons program which are free online video call apps. Skype can run on all devices, Facetime  and Google Duo are dedicated to iOS devices. The requirement for optimal connection is a minimum of 128Kpbs for audio and video to run smoothly for the best online training experience. 


The Pro Online Singing Lessons begins with The Initial Foundational  Voice Lesson which covers and includes vocal anatomy, vocal health tips,  a customized vocal training exercise sheet and custom vocal exercise  scales for practice. All the information included in the vocal training  folder are sent by using free programs like Dropbox (which I set up here in the studio and send you an invite via email to access your folder, or  I use WeTransfer  which also sends a link directly to your email address for access. This is where you are able to either store the information on your device or  print it out. All custom vocal exercise scales are sent the same way  and can even be sent by text to your mobile device.


All you need to do to get started is click below to submit your booking sheet and I will respond with available dates to book your initial  Foundational Lesson. From there you will receive a registration link to  book your date(s) in the schedule.  A list of rates and package deals are available here.  You will receive a reminder by email and/or text to confirm your lesson  date the day before your lesson. You will always have an option to  re-schedule your lesson date with a 24 hour advance notice. If you have  any further questions regarding the Pro Online Singing Program, please contact me here, and we can go over any further questions that you have. 

"Open Your Voice To Every Opportunity"

Nyla Cione, Voice Coach

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