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Nyla Cione, Voice Coach

Teaches ages 8+ to adults (beginner to advanced) in Wilmington, NC.

Originally from Miami, Nyla started singing/performing professionally at the age of 7. Studied Classical Voice with Carolyn Stanford, Univ. of Miami. Brett Manning, Speech Level (Nashville). Gina Maretta, Pop/R&B (Miami), Claude Stein, Pop/R&B (NYC), Joe Spinella, Classical/Musical Theater (SRQ). Nyla has been teaching since 2004.

Building The Foundation

Begin With The

Foundational Voice Lesson.

Vocal lessons are focused on training methods that open and release the voice. Applying techniques that smooth out the transition between the chest/head registers developing what is known as mezzo (middle) voice, understanding the positioning of the larynx, voice placement, and articulation which translates into expanding vocal range, increased vocal agility, and perfecting pitch; with emphasis on diaphragmatic breath support for strength, stamina, power, and projection.

Rates In Studio & Online


Foundational Lesson

$55  Kids/Teens 8-17 (45+ minutes)

$75  Adult 18+ (60+ minutes)


4 prepaid - 30 min. lessons $140 

4 prepaid - 45 min. lessons $200


$40 for 30 min. lesson

$55 for 45 min. lesson


Genres & More

The methods and techniques taught In Studio and within our Pro Online Training Program, are methods and techniques used within the music industry, and pertinent to the foundation of all musical genres. From Classical/Musical Theater to Pop/R&B, Jazz/Blues, Folk, Country and Rock, you can further learn vocal stylization techniques specific for your chosen genre.

Included with the Foundational Voice Lesson is an exercise folder that includes: Anatomy of the Voice, Vocal Health Tips, a  Customized Vocal Instruction/Exercise Sheet, and Vocal Scales specific for your goals and for you to use in between lessons. In addition, you have the option to add on a vocal workout CD/MP3 (an audio version of the instruction sheet and scales within the folder) that can be used on the go and available right at your finger tips.

Also Available, Online Singing Lessons

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Try Our Pro Online Vocal Training Program

If you can’t make it in for an In Studio Lesson, experience our One on One Pro Online Vocal Training Program via Skype. Whether you are just beginning or needing to prep for an audition, to touring artists needing a tune up, the Pro Online Vocal Training Program is a valuable and convenient way to help you stay conditioned and connected.

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What To Expect With A Virtual Experience

Video calling as in Skype, allows you a private one on one vocal lesson experience with the ability to see and hear your coach, and your coach able to see and hear you clearly - providing you have the setup requirements as mentioned in the next section on "What You Need To Get Setup.”

Online Skype Singing Lessons, USA, Voice Lessons Online, Vocal Training Online, North Carolina

What You Need To Get Setup

Webcam, Microphone Earbuds/Headphones, Internet Connection with a minimum of 128kbps of bandwidth, and a 

Free Account with Skype. 

All current smart phones, iPads/Tablets, and desktops usually have a built in camera, microphone, and earbud/headphone jack.

On A Personal Note

Your Voice, My Passion

I would like to personally welcome you to my page, and thank you for taking the time to see what’s happening here at Cione Voice (Wilmington Voice Coach).

For me, it's an absolute privilege to be a part of someones musical journey. To have the opportunity to intuitively work with each singer toward developing their voice beyond what they thought was possible.  And so, my passion is helping singers explore and expand their voice to their highest potential.  

When coming in for an initial Foundational Voice Lesson, you will experience a creative and supportive environment where I work in-depth in helping Singers understand and train their voice as an instrument. To help Singers feel and explore Voice Placement on deeper levels, and how that is an extension of ones artistic expression which translates into vocal artistry.  

Devoted to helping all who come to the studio and who have a desire to embrace their voice. 

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on your goals and helping support your dreams.  


Nyla Cione, Voice Coach

Many Voices, Many Dreams

My youngest student is 8 years old with my oldest being 75. I work with a diverse group of talented singers in all Musical Genres from those wanting to explore and try the idea of singing, to touring artists fine tuning their craft. I work with people who are tone deaf, and have worked with a student who has partial vocal cord paralyzation. In addition, I help with confidence building within performance as well as audition/performance preparation, and artist development from kids to adults in particular with Thalian (TACT) and other local performance theaters. Currently in the works is the development of The Pro Online Vocal Academy launching at the beginning of 2019 which will also include an Artist Develoment Program. 

“Open Your Voice To Every Possibility“


"I came to record in Wilmington and I was referred to Nyla / Wilmington Voice Coach to help prepare me so my recording session would go efficiently and well.   Even in a short amount of time, Nyla was able to assess my voice using methodologies and then translate those findings into voice strengthening activities that I could immediately implement.  Her studio is a beautiful, calming environment.  Best of all, her warm, easy-going personality and kindness put me at ease.  Nyla is clearly passionate about her work and takes it seriously -- this translates to highly personalized care for her clients. It was a privilege to work with her for this project."

Jodie Madison, Vocalist/Actress

"I have seen my daughter Madison grow so much just in the short time she has been working with Nyla. She has helped her tremendously with her confidence. I see a different child and can hear how much she has improved. I admire anyone that is able to teach a person and have the ability to bring out the best in that person in such a positive growing experience and watch them have so much fun doing it, as in Madisons' case. Nyla has a special gift."

Stephanie Spratley, Parent

“I learned a lot from working with Nyla. I have been singing all of my life but had just recently broken into songwriting and local performing when I contacted her. She gave me a lot of great advice on how to train my voice and access my best sound. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about my own voice until I started working with Nyla. Every exercise has a purpose and it doesn’t take long to hear a difference in quality. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their voice, no matter their experience or genre.”

Cara Schauble, Local Musician-Songwriter

"Three years ago, I had my thyroid removed which resulted in an impairment in my ability to sing. After a year of healing, I began vocal training with Nyla in hopes of regaining some of what I had lost. Nyla has helped me strengthen my voice and increase my range beyond what it was prior to my surgery. She continues to encourage me to reach beyond my comfort zone, helping me build back my confidence as a vocalist. Thank you Nyla for giving me my voice back!" 

Dianne Marchese,  Vocalist/Actress

“The  awakening of my possibilities vocally have come from the best vocal  trainer, hands down. Nyla takes the time and has exuded confidence into  me, helping me reach levels that I thought weren't possible vocally. I  am forever grateful for my time spent at Wilmington Voice Coach.”
Gene Gregory, Singer-Songwriter

“Nyla is a real deal professional and has connected with me like no one else has making positive progress in improving my vocals in ways I never knew I could. She opened both my mind and voice. She has helped me realize possibilities and reach them.”

Tom Pirkey, Singer-Songwriter

"My experience with Nyla is absolutely wonderful. She is extremely knowledgeable and shared a wealth of her knowledge with me, even in my first session. She will give you the tools you need to fine tune your voice and help you work on areas that need improvement. She also helps you to set goals, which is very important. In addition to all of this, she is also very kind, compassionate, encouraging and patient. She makes each session a lot of fun. Your voice is an instrument, and in order to be the best you can be, you need to exercise it! I enjoy my time with Nyla and I trust her ability to teach in the best way possible, I'm confident you will, too!" 

Marianne Voska, Praise/Worship Vocalist 

"Training  with Nyla has been one of the best decisions I've made. She has helped  me find the confidence I need to achieve my goals, in a judgement free  and comfortable studio. After only a few sessions the results I achieved  were remarkable. I recommend Wilmington Voice Coach to anyone who is  looking to explore and expand their vocal possibilities. She truly cares  about her students success and will encourage and motivate you to reach  your goals!"
Erica Giffen, Character Actress, Singer-Actor

Nyla took a very professional approach with testing me where I was, and then working very specifically to achieve my personal goals through supportive breath and vocal techniques, helping to improve delivery, power, vocal range, and giving me customized follow up exercises to take home." Jason Andre, Lead Singer for The Midatlantic

“My  son had started taking an interest in musical theater and auditioning  for local productions. I came across Nyla and how fortunate we feel to  have found her! Garrett’s singing has improved remarkably since he has  been training with her. His range has expanded without straining and his  projection is amplified. He also has a confidence about him while  singing that I have not seen before. I’m just thrilled! I am also  impressed with the education on voice anatomy, sound and breathing that  Garrett is being exposed to. I know that this experience will serve him  well throughout life no matter what direction his interests take him." Sara Reider, Parent

"I love training my voice with Nyla because she teaches me how to project, breathe right and so many other things in an easy way. She is super nice and is always encouraging me to do better and better. I try to use what she teaches me each day when I practice and I know it will help me in auditions. I get excited to see her each week because I really like being around her. She’s got great energy!" Garrett Reider, Singer-Actor

"I loved my voice lessons with Nyla! My main goals were to learn how to strengthen my voice and to sound less nasal. She taught me breathing and vocal techniques that really helped my voice to feel stronger and more connected. I would highly recommend Nyla as a voice coach!" 

Susan Barnes, Praise/Worship Vocalist 

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